Explore a Topic that is Changing Our Lives

Explore the pros and cons of teen tech use with us. Learn, think, discuss.

When our team–a group of 14- and 15-year olds–first met for this project, there were no signs of agreement. We couldn’t decide on anything: Was the Internet good or bad?  E-readers—or not?  Thumbs up or down on cellphone use?  On texting?  Social networking?  That’s why, in the end, we do not take a side on whether these or any other type of technology use is good or bad. In fact, we’ve learned in our research that, just like with “real world” controversial topics, there is no correct side to take. What we hope to do in this website is present the information we have discovered. Our intent is to inform teens so that they can make decisions for themselves. In these pages, we report the good, the bad, and the indifferent sides of technology use among our generation. Explore these sections:

Laptops, cellphones, e-readers, social, networking, headphones: How do you use your technology? Read more…

Looks like Nathan could use a tech timeout.

Here we discuss the best of the Internet and the worst of the Internet…how it inspires wisdom and how it incites foolishness. Read more…

This section is about the influential grip of technology on you–on us. Read more…

Here in the United States, we often take technology for granted…but technology use varies by country. Read more…

This section is a little looser and more fun, with pages for book reviews, tech time outs, poems, comics, videos, etc. Read more…

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13 Responses to Explore a Topic that is Changing Our Lives

  1. I would like to point out that the title you currently use is wrong. By technology, you mean something much more specific: things that deliver media electronically. Technology is merely scientific knowledge put to practical use, and thus you get paper technology, mattress technology, woodcutting technology, house building technology, beautifying technology, everything that we use has been applied some sort of scientific research to it, everything is technology. Not even just “computer technology” will do, because many other things have computers in them: boats, Japanese toilets, houses, musical instruments, etc.

  2. Anna says:

    Loved the video. And now I look forward to exploring the rest of the site.–a parent

  3. Henri says:

    Good initiative.

    When I was a kid (Back in the good old 80-ies) we used to dream about the future and and how cool it would be if we could communicate by thought, fly around in saucers, live on the moon and so on. Today none of those things have happened, or did they?

    Social Media allow me magically to stay in touch with my Californian Family. My Mobile opens an enormous world of possibilities for me, location based services, social media, mail, the real internet… Today we live in a world that is so intertwined we actually went beyond those ideas.

    I think your research has been very factual – which is good – and that perhaps it is a good idea to see beyond these observations and see what it does from a human interaction point of view.

    Allow me to explain: The world seems to get more and more complex. Information flows grow at an incredible pace. Technology advances rapidly and all these things stress us. But they stress us because we’re like little kids getting new cool toys all the time. We are smack in the middle of a continuous leap forward.

    How do we process all that? Some get addicted to social media and technology. For others it just becomes part of their daily routine, like drinking coffee in the morning. It is an exercise of finding the right balance I guess 🙂

    These tools should make life more pleasant. I think they should be rather invisible – and we’re getting there: look at product design of latest iconic devices: they’re designed to literally fade away when you use them so they don’t stand in the way of your browsing or working experience. Technology has just now reached the point where it takes into consideration the human interaction.

    So. How does technology affect us? Answer: it shouldn’t. And we’re getting there. I Guess 🙂

  4. John says:

    Very interesting topic. Excellent job. Keep exploring, and reporting! Hopefully this project for you is a process, or a beginning, and not the end of your exploration of this topic. And I agree with “General Sherman”, that what you are talking about is “things that deliver media electronically” rather than Technology as a whole. The distinction is useful and significant. The more specific you are, the more relevant your observations can be. As for “taking sides”, taking the stance of “objectivity” is itself “taking a side”, the side of “objectivity”, no less an opinion or expression or strong and assertive a statement of who you are or what you think. 🙂

  5. Tzung says:

    This is a site full of interesting and informative information. The most fascinating thing to me about this site is how younger generations, like your team, see what technologies mean to them.

    Kudos to a a good job done!

  6. Eva RG says:

    Thank you for such a great initiative! Although technology is a broad term on its own, the focus here is seems to be quite clear. I commend the quality of the reflections made by the leaders of this project! Those reflections show maturity, critical thinking and high level of reasoning. Great job!

  7. Octavio says:

    Excellent topic to discuss and to comment via my humble opinion. Back in the 50’s, a scientist predicted that by the year 2000, computers will be everywhere and because of that, humans will have more free time to do things other than work. Computers are here to stay but mankind has become a slave of all new these technologys. We lost the sense of communicating ideas face to face by trying to type them in a keyboard. The technology should be used as a tool to make our lives easier and not to tie us up in this already complicated world. We have lost the sense of seeing each other eyes and faces, and the sense that we mean more than a thousand words in a chat room. There are more PC processors in this world than people, which, in theory, it should allow us to communicate us better and more efficiently. However, it is quite the opposite: more and more people die because of terrible wars around the world created only by humans and their own technology. More technology that can kill more humans in less time. More bullets, guns and rockets than schools and hospitals.
    The feeling of the wind touching your face riding a bicycle in the streets of your neighborhood , the touch of your son hand while walking in the community park, the warm kiss of your wife in cold winter night, the smell of your favorite dish prepared by your mother… Those humans feelings will never be overpassed by the most expensive/fastest PC processor ever created.
    Computers and most technology perhaps made us more intelligent, but less wise.

  8. Mary N. says:

    Terrific…as a fifth grade teacher in Chicago, I look forward to exploring more of your website to help me understand some of these tweenagers of our society today. The opening video is a treasure.

  9. SUperb ………it was a fantastic project……………

  10. read more says:

    Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

  11. Howard says:

    The design, the topic, and the spirit all exude energy. The website presents the one voice you found working together. Excellent.

  12. mmmmm46 says:

    this website is gr8. this is a role model 2 many teens.

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